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Typically, people with Avoidant Personality Disorder have only a small number of close friends.

Similarly, for people with Dependent Personality Disorder, anxiety dominates their affective experience.

For persons with Avoidant Personality Disorders, the anxiety they experience in social situations and their fear of being inadequate, rejected, and ridiculed, dominates their emotional life and interferes with their ability to function.

Their high level of anxiety causes them to avoid social situations such as parties and other social gatherings.

This range is dictated by the situation and circumstance.

Of course, people with healthy personalities will occasionally get overwhelmed with emotions, or can feel emotionally detached at times.

They have powerful feelings in the context of interpersonal relationships particularly when difficulties and conflict cause them to feel intensely anxious, angry, or down.Examples of personality disorders with problematic emotional response patterns Just as we did before when we considered disordered thinking patterns, let's look at some examples of specific personality disorders to illustrate these problematic emotional response patterns, and the types of interpersonal problems that are created a result.People with Schizoid Personality Disorder are at the over-regulated end of the affective spectrum and appear emotionally constricted and indifferent.During interpersonal conflicts they become easily overwhelmed with the intensity of their emotions, and may have a hard time calming down once they are upset.At other times, people with Borderline Personality Disorder can rapidly shift to the polar opposite and suddenly feel completely disconnected, numb, empty, and detached.

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Depending upon the type of personality disorder, affective (emotional) features can range from being very constricted, indifferent, cold, and experiencing little pleasure in life; to rapidly changing and wildly fluctuating emotions, often expressed with great intensity and dramatic flair.

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