Catfish online dating story

"I went on a date with this guy I'd met on Tinder who seemed pretty nice.

We met up at a park, and when I saw him I noticed that he was carrying this really big backpack. He told me that it was a secret but that he'd show me anyway.

I went to pick him up, and the first thing he did when he got in the car was pat my belly and say, 'A little too much beer, yeah?

I let on that I didn't want to see him again, and this caused him to friend me on all social media.I ordered a latte, while he ordered a coffee and six appetizers.When he got the last plate, he offered me some, but I declined.He even sent flowers to the school I taught at, which was super creepy because I had never told him where I worked.I blocked him and I haven't met up with anyone from Tinder in a while."—laurentees "My date explained that he had picked me up late by saying, 'The ex-wife took our kids home in our van even though she knew I was using it tonight.' Turns out they still lived AND worked together.

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