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It wasn’t until I started seriously dating that I realized how much of my vision for a relationship was influenced by outside principles and people.

For example, I remember being told from a young age by several close women in my life, “You don’t date someone who can’t do anything for you.” I even dated a man who strongly ingrained the same idea into my mind.

He would transport me to Paris on his private jet for weekend shopping sprees.

I am sure I would make him a multi-billionaire business mogul by day, a master chef, an exceptional father, and an all-knowing lover by nightfall.

The further we are transported away from the idea that we will ever find real love, the more unrealistic our dating requirements become.The idea of being “taken care of” was always associated with finances.So, for the longest time, I subconsciously believed that if a person could not financially provide for me, they were not good enough for me. Yes, I do expect for my partner to create a stable environment for our family and contribute financially.When dating, women especially “clutch their pearls.” The older, more established and more seasoned we become, the tighter we hold on to our unrealistic expectations.We convince ourselves that we do not have the time or energy to waste on any man or woman who does not have his or her sh*t together.

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Make sure your checklist is achievable by the average human!

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