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That girl might have a crush on your boyfriend, but nothing has happened and it probably won’t if that’s her unsophisticated modus operandi. “One of my house mates used to be in a long distance relationship, but used to sleep with different girls all the time regardless,” explains Rob Firth.

“Ironically, his girlfriend who was completely loco and used to threaten to break up with him if he was even tagged in a photo with a girl on Facebook, never realised what was really going.

Do not ascribe significance to it: you don’t need to break up because one of you got a bit pissy about the fact that you’ll be arriving on Saturday morning not Friday evening.

Speaking of which: there is also inordinate pressure to ensure that time together is ‘quality time’.

” You have i Message, Skype, Whats App, Face Time and Snapchat.

You can still needle each other, you can still snap at each other.But if your gut reaction to going five or 10 days without seeing someone is to end it, you weren’t just that into them.There’s a gap in the logic of breaking up with someone because you didn’t see them enough – you’re not going to see more of them now, are you?Especially if it’s a short-term set-up – in which case resistance is both futile and petty.“I’m here in London, but my girlfriend is more than 4,000 miles away in Delhi,” explains Jack. She happens to be over there for work and we’re used to being a lot closer, but for four months my relationship is just about as long distance as it gets.” They spend a lot of time on Skype and Whats App.

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  1. Hannah Hannah did not connect with her perfect match (Tyler), but she and another cast member who she had a connection with (Ozzy) tried dating after the show. They both posted on social media about what happened, but no one is quite sure what exactly went down.