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Sex Therapy is incredibly rewarding and 93% of couples who've used the service said that it improved their sex life.If you've stopped having sex, this programme can help you to rediscover it.

It’s natural to want better sex with your partner and sometimes there are specific reasons for your difficulties. Sex Therapy can help you if you're experiencing difficulties in your love life and can help you to improve physical intimacy.About 90 percent of abductees return home within 24 hours and the vast majority are teenage runaways.For more statistics and an analysis of the number of children reported missing versus the number of children actually abducted by strangers, please see the Second National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway and Thrownaway Children conducted by the Department of Juvenile Justice & Deliquency Prevention: Mass shootings?2017 is the year of the ass – and I’m not talking about a Chinese donkey – I mean butts!People always notice other people’s butts, usually without even knowing what their own looks like – unless you’re a bendy Cirque du Soleil gymnast or something.

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