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So it would just be a really cool way to respond to my Have you considered casting any former costars in 30 Days Max? Hendrickson: Oh, my gosh, I have so many people I want to ask.And then to be there and have that amazing experience of being in one of the first lesbian relationships in daytime, which then helped me continue on to Y&R.The fans have so much to say, they're just not always heard, and I thought this was a great place for me to do something on my own and get their input and really have them be involved. I want the fans to work together, and that's why we're trying to put it out there, to let them know that this can be a possibility if they choose to hop on board...And just what would Chloe do if her ex really turned out to be gay?spoke with the actress, who's preparing to shoot the pilot for her new web series 30 Days Max to find out.

And like I said, the way I've been dealing with my fans and how I get to hear through Twitter or before Twitter existed, I would get boxes and boxes of letters of how people were seeing and experiencing things.

But we're just exited to tell a lot of great stories and horrible stories in the best way that we know how.

And people will probably see a different side of me, because we have a little bit raunchier of a humor than people may know -- and I don't mean raunchy like dirty or nasty, I just mean a little bit more how we all speak to each other about what we're going through. I like that you've found a way for fans to be involved, because we all know how passionate soap opera fans are and wish their voices were heard regarding character choices and storylines. It's kind of like Choose Your Own Adventure, if you will, and...

She was on Match[.com] before you could even upload a photo.

You had to describe what you looked like, and she described herself as a mix of Gillian Anderson from X-Files and a Muppet [laughs]. That's pretty much a topic of conversation with all of my girlfriends right now, especially my married girlfriends.

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