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Furthermore, no outsider has made the journey to visit them since the rather perilous journey I made as a young man three decades ago.

“This would make them the remotest people in Papua New Guinea, and one of the last people on the entire planet who are out of contact with our interconnected world.

Allen himself told his wife via satellite phone: ‘I’m so sorry I put you through this.’ That’s exactly what men say when they sleep with other women and you find out.

Never mind the fact his wife was out of her mind with worry: he apparently deliberately went walkabout in an ‘old school’ manner as he wanted some alone time and ‘space’. He’s 57, not some gap-year student who can’t decide what religion to follow this week. Explorers are supposed to be interested in the world, not their own navel.

On this occasion who knows if the Yaifo will do the same.

Nor do I have an obvious means of returning to the outside world, which is somewhat worrying, especially at my advanced age.

But when you are a mother, it seems you are no longer a person in your own right.

What’s true for women scaling mountains is true also of those who have the (equally treacherous) corporate summits in their sights.

Goodness knows what has happened.” In a tweet sent en route to the airport before leaving the UK, Allen said: “Marching off to Heathrow (airport).

I thought people were supposed to be less selfish once they procreate, but apparently that just applies to mothers.

Because God forbid any woman takes part in anything remotely dangerous or time-consuming when she should be spending her weekends bulk-buying in Sainsbury’s.

The news came after the BBC’s security correspondent, Frank Gardner – who sought to publicise the 57-year-old’s disappearance after he missed a planned flight home via Hong Kong – tweeted that his friend had been sighted. UK explorer @benedictallen has been sighted, ‘alive and well’ nr airstrip in Papua New Guinea after being reported missing while trekking”.

Allen’s agent, Joanna Sarsby, based in Bristol in the UK said: “Keith Copley, the coordinating director for New Tribe Mission in Papua New Guinea has confirmed Benedict Allen is safe and well, and located at a remote airstrip 20 miles northwest of Porgera, Enga Province.

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