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The lack of oxygen combined with the amount of alcohol he had consumed made everything blurry. Her mouth closed over Jacob's and he could feel her tongue deep in his mouth. But, the third video was Jacob with his pants and shorts down around his ankles his penis slacked over, clearly wearing the results of prior sex, as he struggled to untie the belt/leash.

Apparently, the redhead had lifted her skirt and removed her panties (she may have been commando) because Jacob could suddenly feel the moistness of her as she slid down his very erect penis. He responded, parrying and thrusting with his tongue and thrusting up in response to her movement. He noticed in the video that he had not even been able to close his legs because of his pants around his ankles holding him spread over the toilet.

The three of them were a great team and virtually inseparable.

Everybody knew them at the local night clubs, and in a good way.

As the second weekend approached he anticipated her return to him and the fun they would have. She had been hired to fly to Paris for 10 days of shooting there. Now, another week and a half, this meant two more weekends. All those sexy French men, anything could be happening.

Jacob had not been particularly jealous of her when she went to London. Jacob had just stayed home the last weekend even though his roommates had gone out clubbing and had the usual great time. He didn't think he had really encouraged her, but pretty soon she was all over him. They were supposed to be having a great time, but she had gone to Paris instead. The redhead had unbuckled his belt and reached her hand down into his pants. It wasn't so much that he didn't want her hand in his pants; he didn't want to get kicked out of the club. She withdrew her hand, but before he could refasten his belt she grabbed the buckle and pulled it from his pants.

As the knot came undone and he was able to stand up, the girls with the camera phones screeched and ran away. She may have had too much to drink or just been aggressive. " She asked as she reached forward and touched the buckle.

Hey, maybe he didn't make the kind of money that Julie made, but he was doing pretty well. It meant a healthy car payment, but he could afford it. The first weekend she was gone they talked on the phone every night. She was not coming home the next day as he had expected.They were always let in, and even though they were not particularly big spenders, they were considered part of the 'beautiful people', which meant that they hung with the best looking women and the big spenders.That meant lots of free drinks, lots of jealous looks from the other guys in the club, and the inside track to the best women. Julie was not only the most beautiful woman Jacob had ever met, she had class, style, and when he finally got her to bed, the ability to turn into an animal.She let out a squeal and shrieks and he a grunt and groan as they both exploded. Jacob started to jump up to follow her but came up short with a jerk. It was absolutely clear that he had been unfaithful. And, he had made a complete fool of himself in the You Tube world.Somehow, she had tied the end of the belt around the water pipe on the back of the toilet. Jacob sent several more text messages and left a few voice messages but there was no response from Julie. He was suddenly "that guy." Julie had never spoken to him after that. It suddenly seemed that many people that use to suck up to him did not want to be associated with him in any way.

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