Updating classpath container

Methods dump Cache() can be used to write the current contents of any member to a file (in the above format) and add To Cache() can be used to add the contents of a file to any member.

These operations can for example be invoked via JMX or

Unlike TCPPING, PING employs dynamic discovery, meaning that the member does not have to know in advance where other cluster members are.

Number of additional ports to be probed for membership. Example: initial_hosts=A[7800] port_range=0 probes A:7800, port_range=1 probes A:7800 and A:7801 MPING (=Multicast PING) uses IP multicast to discover the initial membership.

Whether the protocol should collect protocol-specific runtime statistics.

If true, disables IP_MULTICAST_LOOP on the Multicast Socket (for sending and receiving of multicast packets).

(Section 5.15, “Ergonomics”) strives to reduce the number of properties that have to be configured, by dynamically adjusting them at run time, however, this is not yet in place.

Meanwhile, we recommend that users should copy one of the predefined configurations (shipped with JGroups), e.g.

This flag will be removed in a future version when batching has been implemented by all protocols Use "external_addr" if you have hosts on different networks, behind firewalls. Valid values are "pcl": "p": includes the thread name, e.g.

On each firewall, set up a port forwarding rule (sometimes called "virtual server") to the local IP (e.g. "Incoming thread-1", "UDP ucast receiver", "c": includes the cluster name, e.g.

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